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St. Dominic uses the PBIS framework in the teaching of social competencies and in the development of a safe and effective school environment.  Our three school-wide behavioral expectations are:

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be a Follower of Christ

"Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man."

- Luke 21:36


After school activity programs are excellent ways in which a child can develop positive social habits and teamwork. It is very important that careful judgment be used when it comes to determining a child's eligibility to participate. A child's academic performance must come first. When bringing a child to the school premises for an extra-curricular activity, be certain that the coach or director of the activity is present before you leave. Please pick up your child immediately following the activity's conclusion.

Behavioral Policy for Students in Grades Four through Eight

Guidelines not adhered to regarding the Code of Conduct in the handbook can affect eligibility for participation.   Each time a student receives an in-school suspension or an out-of-school suspension, he/she will not be able to play/participate for a period of four weeks starting with the date of the suspension. A student who is expelled from St. Dominic School may not participate/play in any sports sponsored by St. Dominic Parish for the remainder of the school year. Notice of the suspension will be sent to the Athletic Association president or extracurricular moderator

Amended by the Education Commission 4/14/2008


I hereby pledge to provide positive support, care and encouragement for my child participating in youth sports by following this Parents Code of Ethics.

 •   I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches and officials at every game, practice or other youth sports event. 

•   I will insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment. •   I will place the emotional and physical well being of my child ahead of my personal desire to win. 

•   I will require that my child’s coach be trained in the responsibilities of a youth sports coach and that the coach upholds the Coach’s  Code of Ethics. 

•   I will support the coaches and officials working with my child, in order to encourage a positive and enjoyable experience for all. 

•   I will remember that the game if for youth and not adults. 

•   I will do my very best to make youth sports fun for my child. 

•   I will ask my child to treat other players, coaches, fans and officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed or ability and will do  so myself. 

•    I will help my child enjoy the youth sports experience by doing whatever I can, such as being a respectful fan, assisting with coaching  or providing transportation 

•   I will remember that the team and I represent St. Dominic Parish, a Catholic community that follows Jesus Christ and embodies His values. Based on the National Alliance for Youth Sports Parents Code of Ethics