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St. Dominic uses the PBIS framework in the teaching of social competencies and in the development of a safe and effective school environment.  Our three school-wide behavioral expectations are:

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be a Follower of Christ

"Be vigilant at all times and pray that you have the strength to escape the tribulations that are imminent and to stand before the Son of Man."

- Luke 21:36

Promotion/Retention Policy


Grades K-3:  Promotion through the primary grades will be determined by the student’s proficiency in Language Arts, Mathematics, and overall readiness for the next grade level.

Grades 4-8:  Promotion will be based on successful achievement in each of the core subjects of Reading, English, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies, and Science/Health.


Retention indicates that a student has not achieved all the requirements or has not performed satisfactorily for the year and must repeat the grade next year.  The decision to retain is taken very seriously and is based on the following:

Grades K-3:

A student who performed unsatisfactorily and receives an average of U on his/her report card for the year in Language Arts and/or Mathematics or has not achieved overall readiness for the next grade level.

Grades 4-8: 

•  A student who averages a failing mark for the year in one or two core subjects (Reading, English, Mathematics, Religion, Social Studies, and Science/Health) must attend an accredited summer school program or accredited tutoring program for the subject(s).  A student who does not successfully complete an accredited summer school or accredited tutoring program will repeat the grade for the next school year.

•  A student who averages a failing mark for the year in three or more core subjects will automatically repeat the grade for the next year.

Notification Process Grades K-8: 

•  Parents will be notified in writing with the third quarter report card if retention or summer school is a possibility.

•  A formal written notice of retention or summer school will be sent with the fourth quarter interim reports.  Such formal notice will require a conference with the parents, student, classroom teacher(s), support personnel, and principal.

•  Accredited summer school program:  The principal of St. Dominic School has to see and approve the program as proposed by the accredited school.

•  Tutoring program requirements:

       1.  Tutoring provided by an accredited summer school program.

       2.  Name and copy of the teaching certificate of the person providing the tutoring

       3.  30 hours of tutoring per subject area (usually across a six week time period)

       4.  20 hours of supplemental work per subject area (homework, reading, etc.)

       5.  Written verification of the 50 hours of course work

       6.  Some form of assessment indicating that the student has met a passing criterion in the subject area

       7.  Written report from the summer school must be submitted by August 1st  to the school principal